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The Soutpansberg is home of the highly spiritual and artistically minded vhaVenda, Vha Tsonga and Pedi people. Their rich cultural legacy is firmly rooted in their traditions. The artists and crafters are renowned for their woodcarving, pottery, beadwork and textiles and their workplaces in the rural villages can be visited. The artists aim is to develop their businesses by creating and producing good quality products, thereby making a sustainable living for their families.

The Vha Venda culture is steeped in the spiritual world and finds expression in their wood carvings, pottery and the decoration of their buildings. Take a cultural drive through old Venda where surrounded by echoes of the past amazing panoramas open. Remote villages clinging to hillsides, tumbling waterfalls, deeply flowing streams shrouded by cycads and tree ferns, delicate wild flowers and dense forests. Many legends were born, telling of the spirits of the water and the sacred guardians of hidden lakes and ancient burial places in the silence of the indigenous forests. Whether you go from east to west or vica versa, the spaces are wild, the people friendly and the land steeped in culture and legend. The area is also home to the sacred Lake Fundudzi ? the only naturally formed lake in South Africa.

Although predominant cultures are the Shangaan /Tsonga and VhaVenda speaking groups, traces of many other influences are also visible, from the Boers to the Swiss Missionaries and the English. The majority of the population are 'people of the North' who migrated from Northern African countries into Southern Africa. Please see further information on the history of the VhaVenda under the history tab of this website.