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Albasini Dam

Lake Fundudzi & Thate Vonde Forest
South Africa's only natural inland Lake, Lake Fundudzi is the home of the mystical python and white crocodile. The python is the God of fertility and the legend tells us that a Vha Vhenda man had a broken heart because of the loss of a great love. In sorrow he walked into Lake Fundudzi and he turned into a python. Young virgin Venda maidens still perform the famous Domba Dance (also known as the python dance) in the area in honour of the God of fertility.

The white crocodile of Lake Fundudzi has always been a much revered figure in Vha Venda folklore. Some believe it was an Albino crocodile, and once young virgin maidens were offered as sacrifices!! Lake Fundudzi lies in the heart of the Soutpansberg surrounded by Mountains and the sacred Thathe Vondo Forest. The sacred forest is so full of spirits that few Venda people dare to walk through it. The forests hauntings include a white lion, spirit of the chief Nathathe and a lightning bird called Ndadzi. According to Venda folklore, a divine being, Roluvimba created the world and along with it this enchanted body of water. Legend has it that even today, he sometimes returns to bath in Lake Fundudzi. In respect of the sacred VhaVenda rituals, all first time visitors to Fundudzi are required to take part in a ritual. Newcomers must turn their backs on the Lake and view the Lake from between their legs, greeting the Lake! Special permission has to be obtained to visit the lake no-one is allowed to wash or swim in this lake.