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Home of Soutpansberg - salt of the earth

Welcome to the Soutpansberg!

The majestic and awe inspiring Soutpansberg stretches 130 kilometers from west to east through the Limpopo region. The Soutpansberg takes its name from the large natural salt pans that lie at its North Western basin. Since prehistoric times these pans have supplied communities with salt and during the 19th century were one of the chief sources of salt, these pans are still mined today!

The Soutpansberg is the gateway to Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique and attractions such as the Mapungubwe National Park, the Kruger National Park, Zimbabwe and the game reserves of the Tuli Block in Botswana. The Soutpansberg Mountains is South Africa's northern most range. It rises abruptly in the West near the village of Vivo and stretches East in a series of wild peaks and troughs before petering out, 130 km's later near the northern boundary of the Kruger National Park.

If you are a nature lover, book a trained bird guide for a visit to the beautiful natural forests of Roodewal, Entanbeni and Hanglip where more than 540 species of birds can be seen, including the African Broadbill, Blue-spotted Wood Dove, Pink-throated Twinspot and Pel's Fishing Owl.

Not keen on our feathered friends? Perhaps a day of retail therapy on Open Africa's Ribolla Art Route would be more your style. Kuvona and Ribolla tour guides can introduce you to world-renowned Venda sculptors right on your doorstep. You can buy a Jackson Hlungwani or Noria Mabasa original before they are snapped up by European galleries.

If soaring vistas speak to your soul, pull on your hiking boots and head for the hills and the mountains and the gorges and the waterfalls... you could go on forever in the breathtaking wilderness areas of the Soutpansberg. Here you can see wildlife galore, birds and baobabs and fulfill your need for wide open spaces all in one place.

Need more motivation? How about a visit to the lost kingdom of Mapungubwe, rediscovered after a thousand years. Take a look at the legendary Golden Rhino, glass beads and trading pieces from as far afield as China, all found here. Mapungubwe World Heritage Site has a tree top walkway along the Limpopo River looking out to Zimbabwe and Botswana over sandstone outcrops which glow golden in the setting sun. Simply spectacular.

And there are still more treasures to be discovered in the Soutpansberg - take a trip to the Ben Lavin and Blouberg Nature Reserves or visit South Africa's only patch of Brachystegia Woodland at Gundani Campsite. Go on the Zoutpansberg Skirmishes Route and follow in the steps of Breaker Morant and the Bushveld Carbineers. Take a journey into the land of legend when you visit Lake Fundudzi and the Thathe Sacred Forest or stand in awe of the San rock art. Have a 4x4 adventure or see the giant Baobab at Sagole, visit Venetia Diamond Mine or the salt pans which gave the area its name.

The area incorporate natural forests, indigenous bush characterized by the remarkable form of the baobab, wonderful wildlife, a profusion of birds and exiting adventure opportunities. The region boasts one of the most varied natural, geological, archaeological and cultural systems in the world and has a fascinating history, offering visitors the 'Salt of the Earth', the best of Culture, History and Nature.